The Diplomatic Career of Farid Abboud

August 31, 2016
He has a wide range of accomplishments to his credit, but Farid Abboud is most highly regarded for being one of the longest-serving Lebanese ambassadors to the United States in history. However, it’s a long career, spanning 40 years, so there is a lot more to it than that.

Farid Abboud’s career began in 1974, with a position at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beirut. In the fou decades since, he also served as the assistant director-general of the Department of Political Affairs in the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he has served Lebanese embassies in Rome, Moscow and London. After his diplomatic service as the Lebanese ambassador to the United States between 1999-2007, he was served as Ambassador to Tunisia for six years and he has served as the Lebanese Ambassador to China since 2013.

Besides his long experience as a top diplomat, Farid Abboud was also Lebanon's General Counsel in Los Angeles from 1990-1995 and he has represented Lebanon in a series of delegations to international conferences, including U.N. General Assembly sessions from 1997-1999.